Thursday, February 27, 2020

Tio Bernie Surprises the World With Public Enemy

Have you felt the Bern yet?? With Super Tuesday vastly approaching our candidates are looking to make that splash before the Super Tuesday primaries where all major states including California will hold elections and caucuses. The 78 year old democratic candidate has been the favorite to the hip hop community since his throwing his hat in the ring in 2016 being endorsed by Killer Mike, T.I and Bun B.

It was announced today via Billboard that Sanders will have the legendary hip hop group Public Enemy performing at his rally this Saturday in California. The rally will have appearances as well from Comedian Sarah Silverman and legendary actor Dick Van Dyke.

It isn't surprising with the lengths that Bernie has taken in order to secure his position in the primaries and the campaign he has led to have Public Enemy at the event. For years Public Enemy has been the voice for African American issues in politics, there is not a more appropriate group to perform at this rally.

What do you think they will perform this Saturday drop your thoughts below! 
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