Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Harvey Weinstein gets 23 Years for Felony Sex Crimes

Photo courtesy of the New. York Times 

Today was a major win for female's, sexual and domestic violence victims everywhere. After months of deliberation and fighting the courts sentenced the formerly esteemed Hollywood mogul to 23 years in federal prison for two counts of felony sex crimes. In a world where the justice system has failed women on many occasions it is a blessing to see justice finally be served. Weinstein being one of the many accused in the #MeToo movement has been convicted of rape by actresses Ashley Judd and Rose McGowan from the hit series Charmed were two of the leads in the movement and the conviction of Harvey Weinstein. 

For decades Weinstein had promised career advances for sexual favors and once denied said women were blackballed in the industry. Some of his victims include : 

Mimi Haleyi 
Jessica Mann 
Kaja Sokola 
Rose McGowan 
Ashley Judd 
and more 

Do we consider this to be the first step in the uphill battle for womens rights, will there be more convictions for men of his stature that violated the personal rights of these women. 

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