Friday, April 24, 2020

NYC to Serve 500,000 Free Halal Meals to Muslims During Ramadan

Photo Via The Halal Food Blog (2019) 

As the Muslim holiday Ramada approaches us Mayor Deblasio believes 2 million residents could become food insecure during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Mayor De Blasio announces that New York City intends to serve half-million Halal meals during the season as many people have been put into unlivable situations during the epidemic. The meals will be distributed through 32 Department of Education buildings and 100,000 meals will be served through community organizations throughout the month. They will also provide Kosher meals for the Jewish people during this time. 

In his press conference, De Blasio states that "One of Ramadan's most noble callings is to feed the hungry, to remember to be there for those in need. And that is now harder than ever now that people can't go to their mosques."  By May De Blasio predicts that they will serve 15 million meals in may not allowing any New Yorker to go hungry. 

Ramadan begins the evening of Thursday, April 23, 2020, and end the evening of May 23rd. The holiday sparks a period of spiritual reflection and self-improvement that includes the practice of fasting from dawn to sunset. 

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Fred The Godson Passes Away to Corona Virus Complications

While his family and friends knew him as Fredrick Thomas the world was admiring him as Fred The Godson and today the world lost an amazing artist due to complications from the COVID-19 virus. The 35-year-old MC from the South Bronx was in intensive care after his fever peaked at 105 degrees and his vital signs were showing improvement. However, due to the complications his kidney functions were extremely compromised after being hospitalized early this month relying on a ventilator to breathe.

His death was confirmed by the artist Jaque and Power 105 DJ Self, the news has spread through the industry like wildfire as his fans remember him for his lyrical style and wordplay where he was featured in XXL Freshman Class of 2011 putting him on the map as one of the hottest MC on the rise. He put out amazing projects such as Gordo, Gordo Frederico, Contraband, more recently Training Day, and Payback both recorded weeks prior to his death.

Many people will never forget for his notorious freestyle on Funk Flex 

Tell us your favorite Fred The Godson Song comment below your favorite memory? 
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Empire Series Finale Incomplete? Fans and Cast React to the Abrupt Series Finale

 Empire has been a staple of the FOX television franchise for six years depicting life on the streets and the underdog starting from the bottom and succeeding. While many people debated over the originality of the show during its series run there have been many that followed the show religiously. With the sixth season focusing on the aftermath of Kingsley's (A,Z. Kelsey's) suicide in order to donate his heart to Andre (Trai Byers). The storyline for the season started with Lucious (Terrance Howard) dying from a bullet wound while Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) dies in a car explosion.  When watching the season the storyline felt incomplete as the six-season series ended on a lackluster note leaving both the viewers and members of the cast wanting a proper ending for the series.   Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the series was forced to cut the production of the final episode in accordance with the quarantine policy in the United States.

However, the policy, Lee Daniels, and the producers have fallen under scrutiny as this is the second time one of their shows had an abrupt ending. Last year Fox canceled the sister show to the series Star featuring Queen Latifah, Jude Demorest, Luke James, Ryan Destiny, and Brittany O' Grady.  There has been yet any confirmation on a proper ending for this franchise as well.

Empire showrunners confirmed to the Washington Post that episode 18 was not intended to be the original series finale but was structured to go as such, teaching the Lyon family no matter the obstacle the family's love always concurs.

The questions that are being asked, who shot Lucious? Will Andre reunite with Terri and Walker will Cookie come out of the explosion? Taraji P. Henson told EW "if Empire doesn't get a proper series finale, it will be on her mind forever". She told EW "she is pushing for it to be made properly".

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The Grammy's Remember Prince 4 Years After His Death

Maya Rudolph once said to love Prince is to love music. 

Four years ago yesterday the world lost a musical genius in Prince Rogers Nelson. For over 20 years  Prince constantly pushed boundaries talking about religion, sexuality, gun control, life, the aftermath, and more. His music will continue to transcend and teach us even after our deaths.  After four years we still continue to mourn as we hear classics such as When Doves Cry, Darling Nikki, and Purple Rain.

The Grammy's celebrated the career of Prince with longtime friend and percussionist Sheila E. and the artists such as Alicia Keys, The Foo Fighters, Miguel, HER, with a powerful performance from The Revolution take a look at our favorite moments of the night.

Common and Sheila E perform "Sign O The Times" 

The Revolution Honor Prince With "Mountains"

John Legend Performs "Nothing Compares 2 U" 

What were your favorite moments? Tell us !

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Eminem Provides Musical Relief Amidst Corona Virus Pandemic

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

While government officials work on the physical safety of everyone in the country, one person has thought about the mental safety of our brothers and sisters during this time. Eminem is one of the celebrities that worked on sending relief outside of providing masks and working on Instagram live. As of yesterday Eminem announced that he will be providing free Sirus XM access until May 15th. 

You May be Able to access it here 

How do you feel this can help us during the pandemic leave your thoughts below. 

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Weeknd Gets Mixed Reviews on Latest Project After Hours

Canadian artist Abel Tesfaye or popularly known as The Weeknd has been turning heads and causing an enigma in the musical souls of his listeners since 2012. From his original mixtapes Echoes of Silence, Thursday, and House of Balloons to his full LP and EPs Kissland, Beauty Behind the Madness, My Dear Melancholy and now After Hours The Weeknd continues to produce music that leaves you asking questions once you are done listening. His latest project After Hours is no different.

The project has been the topic of mixed feelings for both fans and celebrities alike. Artists such as Joe Budden discussed their opinion of the lackluster the project allegedly brings. Critics acclaimed that the project does not have the studio mainstream feel that he brought with Starboy as one of his releases under republic records. Fans of The Weeknd from the original mixtapes enjoy the blend between the original feel that the album brings as well as the mainstream vibes from his later content. After Hours is a compilation of all of The Weeknd's musical prowls.  Currently we see The Weeknd in a new form where he does bring the aspects of Starboy and a 90's feel of music mixed with his original style of music.

The project follows a lost in LA theme, and each video that was put out were short films in continuation with each other. While the entire storyline has not unfolded in the videos yet we have concluded that the elements of the video follow along his feeling after his breakup with longtime lover and girlfriend Bella Hadid. An example of this is In Your Eyes where he describes the point of their relationship in which he was being lied and cheated on; the video shows us this with the woman portrayed to us chopping The Weeknd's head off and dancing with it.  The many deep tones , meanings and melodies give us the depth of feel and an inside look into the soul of The Weeknd.

With the many elements and complexities that the album brings it is enjoyable to its listeners, leading the top Billboard Top 100 for both singles for Heartless and Blinding Lights topping Roddy Rich The Box, as well as the top 200 Album list.

This is a project if you deff want to listen and give us feedback what you thought about it. 
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