Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Weeknd Gets Mixed Reviews on Latest Project After Hours

Canadian artist Abel Tesfaye or popularly known as The Weeknd has been turning heads and causing an enigma in the musical souls of his listeners since 2012. From his original mixtapes Echoes of Silence, Thursday, and House of Balloons to his full LP and EPs Kissland, Beauty Behind the Madness, My Dear Melancholy and now After Hours The Weeknd continues to produce music that leaves you asking questions once you are done listening. His latest project After Hours is no different.

The project has been the topic of mixed feelings for both fans and celebrities alike. Artists such as Joe Budden discussed their opinion of the lackluster the project allegedly brings. Critics acclaimed that the project does not have the studio mainstream feel that he brought with Starboy as one of his releases under republic records. Fans of The Weeknd from the original mixtapes enjoy the blend between the original feel that the album brings as well as the mainstream vibes from his later content. After Hours is a compilation of all of The Weeknd's musical prowls.  Currently we see The Weeknd in a new form where he does bring the aspects of Starboy and a 90's feel of music mixed with his original style of music.

The project follows a lost in LA theme, and each video that was put out were short films in continuation with each other. While the entire storyline has not unfolded in the videos yet we have concluded that the elements of the video follow along his feeling after his breakup with longtime lover and girlfriend Bella Hadid. An example of this is In Your Eyes where he describes the point of their relationship in which he was being lied and cheated on; the video shows us this with the woman portrayed to us chopping The Weeknd's head off and dancing with it.  The many deep tones , meanings and melodies give us the depth of feel and an inside look into the soul of The Weeknd.

With the many elements and complexities that the album brings it is enjoyable to its listeners, leading the top Billboard Top 100 for both singles for Heartless and Blinding Lights topping Roddy Rich The Box, as well as the top 200 Album list.

This is a project if you deff want to listen and give us feedback what you thought about it. 
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