Friday, May 8, 2020


Just days after the fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery by former police officer Gregory McDonald and son Travis, Georgia police discover 911 calls moments before the shooting.

News of the stabbing came to light as a neighbor recorded a video of Arbery jogging in the daytime while two men waited and attacked him. The video causing an outrage went viral in a matter of minutes. The Mc Michaels released a statement concluding that Arbery was a possible burglary suspect. According to Source Magazine the calls were recorded as :

"The first call was anonymous: a man reported Ahmaud looking at a house that was under construction and running down the street. Allegedly, there have been multiple break-ins in this area of Brunswick before, and the caller suspected a possible crime.

The second call was from Gregory McMichael, father of Travis McMichael, with whom Ahmaud was tasseling over a gun in the video. In the recording, the elder McMichael is out of breath, only reports “a black male running down the street” and ends the call abruptly after yelling “Stop that damn it, stop!” to his son."
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