Friday, May 8, 2020

The Weeknd Continues to Surprise the World in Guest Appearance of American Dad

The people of the quarantine received some joyful bliss and laughs with the latest episode of American Dad titled A Starboy is Born. The Weeknd a fan of the American Dad franchise and of course the beloved Alien Roger agreed to be part of the episode and it was one for the ages. 

The episode starts with Roger trying to inject Steve with the Black Plague in order for Make A Wish would grant them an opportunity to see the Weeknd opened Stans eyes to giving his family a "Teachable Moment" see below 

With every teachable moment on American Dad there is always one epic screw up. This screw up involved Hayley having The Weeknd the top of her Hall Pass List leading to a very personal confession from the Weeknd. 

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